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Hello, my name is Limy Thomas and I am the founder of Li design studio!!

The  challenges that offer while being a freelancer in graphic design and a homemaker simultaneously, speaks about myself of being able to handle multitasking with ease. While I love its complexities, it makes me a perfectionist, preluding extreme dedication in every effort I impart in achieving utmost satisfaction and exquisiteness. This attitude of mine has made me gain quite a large number of very prestigious clientele who regard my repertoire in the field of design.

Nurturing my kids has enabled me to emphasize the need of rendering intricate care and attention to minute details to every stroke of the design, be it logos or developing brands or collateral design prints for Companies anywhere in the globe, that I visualize and create for my clients.

I take conscientious effort in making my work stand out as one of its kind in the industry with unique designs which establishes each brand its identity and recognition, that proclaims as a testimony of my successful years of experience in this field of logo concept and design.

I strongly believe in the rendition of precision and to deliver my creativity without compromising on quality. And my long list of  happily satisfied clients vouch for my accomplishments. Speaking of which, I have competed in 99 designs and freelancer sites (top sites for logo and other design contests) and won over 16 contests.

I’m passionate about designing and am also a lover of nature which makes a good photographer as well. Animation, cooking, baking  cakes or learning design related course online are the fields which I love to engage when I have some time to spare.

Shoot me an email at li.designstudio@yahoo.com and let’s get started!